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Go Solar For Your Farm 

Sustainable Farming 

Wondering if your farm or agribusiness could benefit from solar energy? Yes! Generate your own power, reduce costs, and gain grid independence. Sell surplus energy for extra income and enjoy reliable, clean energy, minimizing environmental impact.

Cows on a meadow

Dairy Farms

Solar energy is transforming dairy operations across New Zealand. By utilizing solar power, dairy farmers can efficiently run milking sheds, hot water dairy sheds, irrigation pumps, electric fences, milk cooling systems, and residential units, while also charging batteries.

Female Agripreneurs
Female Agripreneurs


Due to high energy demands, solar power is ideal for New Zealand’s horticultural sector. Aligning solar installations with peak sunlight can efficiently power irrigation systems, greenhouse heating and ventilation, lighting, cooling for produce, storage, machinery, and water heating.

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Solar power enhances energy efficiency and strengthens New Zealand viticulturists' eco-friendly reputation. It powers irrigation, vineyard equipment, ventilation, winery operations, and temperature control sustainably.

Green Garden
Green Garden


For New Zealand’s floriculturists, adopting solar power enhances energy efficiency and boosts the nursery’s eco-friendly reputation, vital in a sustainability-focused industry.

Let sunlight power your
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Sustainble Farming

Get Solar For Your Farm
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