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Welcome to Solar Hub The Pacific's Largest Solar Sales Company

We’re providing cutting-edge solar solutions in New Zealand, Fiji & the Pacific.
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Largest Soar Sales Organisation in the Pecific
Solar Hub Easy & Fast Financial Options
Upfront Cast
Start Your Solar Journey 

400 Sales Per Month

200+ Installations Per Month

Nationwide Coverage 

#1 Solar Sales in Pacific

Our Recent Projects

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Te Hauora o Ngāti Hauā
Te Hauora o Ngāti Hauā 3
Joshua Motors 4
Blue Skies

Easily Accessible Solar Financing

Discover numerous financing possibilities for your solar venture, from eco-friendly loans featuring competitive rates to interest-free and $0 Upfront Costs. Reach out to our team for professional advice and kickstart your savings today!

Purchase Power Agreement 

You can save big on energy bills without taking on ownership and maintenance.

Payment Plan

$0 upfront cost, and your business pays for the equipment in monthly instalments over a fixed term.

Lease Your Roof and Earn 

Lease your roof to us and we will pay you a fixed monthly fee. Maximize your Profits!

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